Zoo Photography

Hello everyone,

So before I get into the blog post I want to just explain the reason behind this blog post.  On Tuesday I went to the zoo with my best friend for her birthday.  Her family all came along and her older brother Noah is a photographer from miphonephotographyonline.wordpress.com

He uses iPhone, I use a digital SLR.  So, as was natural, we decided to have a wee competition as to who could take better photos.  We are both writing blog posts about our own zoo photography and we are leaving it up to our followers to decided who has the best photos by who has the most likes.


DISCLAIMER: Not all my photos are actually of animals due to the lack of a macro lens.

blog collage.jpg

We started at the wild boar area of the zoo and sadly the boar were too far away for me to take photos of.  So I decided to take photos of the ferns, leaves and signs around the area.  The top two photos are edited while the bottom two are fresh from the camera.

blog collage 2.jpg

These four photos were taken by the bear enclosure.  The top two are my personal favorites from these four.

blog 10.jpg

This photo is one of my absolute favorites from all the photos I took! I took this in colour but I felt it looked better in black and white.

blog collage 3

We next went to the penguin enclosure which was very interesting.  The penguins were the perfect models. They just stood still and let us take photos of them. However the smell of them meant that we got our photos then made a run for it.

blog 18.jpg

This is one of my favorite photos from the penguin enclosure.

blog collage 4.jpg

These two photos are just a couple of miscellaneous photos taken during the walk to the next enclosure.

blog 23.jpg

This Next photo is of a mural at the bison area. I really liked the old look of this and I couldn’t not take a photo of it.

blog 27.jpg

This photo is of my best friend.  There was this design on the fence by the wild dogs enclosure and it was the perfect photo opportunity.

blog 29.jpg

blog 30.jpg

The next enclosure belonged to the giraffes.  To be honest this was on of my favorite areas to go and take photos only just trumped by the butterfly house.

blog 33

We next went to the lion enclosure.  Unfortunately the lions were hiding behind tall grass so I only manged to really get one proper photo of them.

blog 34.jpg

We then moved onto the zebra enclosure.  Due to the fact that there was wire netting all around the enclosure I saw the perfect opportunity to frame the zebra in the wire.

blog collage 5.jpg

Just some random shots of the greenery around the zoo.

blog collage 6.jpg

We went to tiger enclosure where, unfortunately, the tigers were hiding. So instead o got photo of a little water fall and of a single lily flower and some pink flowers.

blog 42.jpg

While walking around the zoo we came across these little animals roaming free in the zoo. I still don’t know what they are.

blog 43.jpg

The zoo had this cute little old fashioned train station which i just couldn’t leave without a photo.

blog collage 7

We then went to the butterfly house…Oh My Gosh favorite place! We were able to get so close to the butterflies.  My best photos came from the butterfly house.

I really enjoyed taking photos of the butterflies.  It was definitely one of the highlights of the trip.

blog collage 11.jpg

After the butterflies we went to the lemurs enclosure which was the most interesting part of the whole trip due to the fact I almost had my head taken off by a lemur.

blog 72.jpg

We went to the monkey enclosure to finish the whole trip and while I didn’t mange to get any photos of the actual monkeys I did get this awesome black and white shot of their play area.

blog collage 12.jpg

To finish i have some photos of all the flowers around the zoo.  These were some of my favorite photos.

I hope you like these photos and please drop a like if you do. I’d kinda like Digital SLR to beat iPhone.

http://miphonephotographyonline.wordpress.com  Go and check out Noah’s blog post and drop a like.



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