Level 2 Art and Design Sculpture

butterfly 7

Last year I started my level 2 art and design.  I love art and it was a dream come true to study it.   I am now reaching the final stages of my art.  I am finishing up my practice lessons and am going to start my final project in the next few weeks.  I plan on trying to document the process on here.  However I am still on my last two practice lessons one of which was sculpture.

I loved this lesson as I was able to make jewelry as my project.  I was marked at 85% for this lesson.

butterfly 1.jpg

butterfly 2.jpg

All my jewelry was butterfly themed.  This necklace is a hand painted charm on leather.

butterfly 3.jpg

butterfly 10

This pendant is also hand painted and is on a silver chain.

butterfly 4.jpg

butterfly 11.jpg

This one i made out of clay using the Skinner blend to achieve the two tone and I then hand-painted the design on.  It is on a leather cord.

butterfly 6.jpg

butterfly 5

These earrings and bracelet set were made the exact same way as the necklace above them.

butterfly 8.jpg

butterfly 12.jpg

The final two photos are my personal favorites.  This is just a butterfly pendant on a leather cord.




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