The dream

Do you ever have a dream?  I have a dream.  It involves photography and art. Mainly photography though!

Stop calling it a dream and start calling it a plan!

I have a vision to set up my own business.  A business specializing in portrait photography.  I know that a teenager can dream but it won’t work unless they do.  I also know that I can’t achieve results if I think about what I want to use instead of utilizing the sources I have now.   I have a blog, this can work as a website.  I have a Facebook page, a way to connect with potential clients.

It took a lightning bolt for me to realise actually how hard I need to work to achieve my dreams.  That lightning bolt belonged to my mum!  She is my biggest cheerleader and i definitely would not be where I am now without her.   It took her telling me what her concerns were for me to wake up.    I used to work REALLY hard on a photography diploma.  I couldn’t handle it.  I ended up burning myself out.  Mum helped me sort it out and now that I don’t have that massive pressure on me I came to a complete standstill.  YouTube became my best friend.  I was only giving 10% of my time to work and the other 90% was being wasted thinking about something that I don’t need to worry about yet.  I have always been messy but it was reaching a point where my family were all telling me to tidy my stuff up.  My mum always told me I left a trail of mess wherever I went.

I needed to change!  I couldn’t go on like this.  I couldn’t not work. I have a GCSE to revise for, I have an art BTech to complete and a photography diploma to complete.  I couldn’t afford to waste anymore time thinking just about my comfort.  So I have made a plan, a schedule for my life.

There are certain things I want to incorporate into my life.

  1. Earlier wake up time. I figure if I wake up earlier it will give me more time for me.
  2. A set schedule for each day. I have a very off schedule at the moment and I can’t keep going with it.
  3. Exercise each day. I already spend at least half an hour each day walking but I would like to incorporate stretching into my routine
  4. Have a set routine
  5. Make more time for God
  6. Less time on YouTube and more time studying
  7. Less time thinking and more time working.
  8. A blog post each week about my photography or art

I know this is going to be hard.  I have spent the last two weeks doing whatever I want. Not anymore!

Each week I will be aiming to upload a post each Thursday evening about my art from that week or my photography from that week.  Potentially I may upload a blog post every other Friday as well. This would be a blog post about moments or memories from that week.



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