Beaded Spring Earrings

The weather does not go with this craft whatsoever.   It is raining like there is no tomorrow:(  However that didn’t stop my creative juices from flowing.  I themed these earrings on snowdrop flowers.  DSC_0154.JPG

The seed beads I used are of an iridescent pink while the larger glass beads are of a milky white hue.



I really like how these came out.  While they are quite big for earrings they are extremely comfortable to wear.  They hang to just below my jawline.



I want to start selling the jewelry I make from this blog.  So I decided that this would be the first piece.  They are £4:50.  All the pieces I make are one of a kind so there will never be an identical pair of earrings to the ones above.  However I do have different variations to this design.  If you are interested please email me at


About Lillie Stew-ART

I am a 13 yr old girl who lives to make jewelry. I am Home schooled and live with my 4 siblings and parents
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