The Eiffel Tower by Georges Seurat {An Art Review}

Today I am marking the end of my study of the painting “The Eiffel Tower”  By Georges Seurat.  Once again I am writing as if I am a critic from his time.eiff3el-tower

Georges Seurat has released a fabulous new painting.   Painted in oil on canvas, Seurat has used pointillism to create this masterpiece.   When I saw this painting I was amazed!  I couldn’t believe that such a painting could be created with a myriad of mini dots.

I am focusing this review on the specific technique Seurat used called pointillism.  Georges Seurat realised that by painting in many different colours in many varying sizes of dots that one could create an optical illusion.  The theory behind this is incredible.   When you see all the colours in one place in different sized dots, your eyes trick you into seeing a block colour instead of many disjointed splodges.  This is a fascinating new way of painting!

I feel this painting is one of Seurat’s best!  This Paris landmark has been  painted many times before by many different artists but I have never seen one like this.  Not many artists use this method making this painting original, special and very well worth taking a look (and is absolutely worth the cost!).  I promise you that it would not be a disappointing  trip.


About Lillie Stew-ART

I am a 13 yr old girl who lives to make jewelry. I am Home schooled and live with my 4 siblings and parents
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