Winter Comforts

When I awoke this morning at 7:00 it was a freezing -4 degrees!  The fact of this gave me the inspiration for this post.  Christmas has come and gone and the new year has started along with a new school term.  This means I am now busy constantly and have no time for the frivolous fun I had over Christmas break.  However I have a few winter “Moments”, if you will, that continue from October through to June and I want to share these little moments of peace with you.

So the first moment of peace isn’t really a moment of peace… is more a moment of chaos, noise and of course many hugs.   I am talking about the days when my best friends come round.  C12 and J14 have been my best friends for at least 6 years if not longer and I love having them round  🙂


The next Moment is that of peace, happiness and much laughter.  I am of course talking about Tuesdays. These are the days when my once art buddy now best friend comes round to talk, do art and goof around.  We love seeing each other and we just get along like a house on fire!


The next moment makes me feel very special as it is quality time spent with my twin, Charlotte and/or my brother Thomas.  Thomas is 9 months 3 weeks and 1 day older than Charlotte and myself so we are of a similar age.  Although we are very different we can always find something to laugh about, to do or to talk about or tease each other about.



It is these moments in my life that I am most thankful for because I get to have fun during a rushed week just by seeing the special people in my life.


About Lillie Stew-ART

I am a 13 yr old girl who lives to make jewelry. I am Home schooled and live with my 4 siblings and parents
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