24 days till Christmas!

Hey everyone!  So today is the first of December…and we all know what that means!  Yep 24 days and we celebrate the birth of Jesus.  What we also know is that finding things to do on those freezing cold evenings can be very difficult.  So this post is on some fun Christmas activities!  I love all things Christmasy so I am so excited to be sharing these ideas with you.


  1.  Christmas karaoke.  Yeah I know it sounds cheesy  but you would be surprised at the fun one gets from it.  To do this activity all you need is a laptop, phone, kindle or smart TV.   You get up you tube and search your preferred Christmas song, the karaoke version, and then gather your family round and take turns singing.  It is a good laugh:)
  2. Hot chocolate bar.  My family have actually done this and it was so much fun!  All you need for this project is a slow cooker, plastic spoons, mugs, hot chocolate powder, marshmallows, hundreds and thousands, dairy milk chocolate and a Christmas film. So you are going to make the hot chocolate in the slow cooker ( I have no idea how to do this….Mum always takes care of that) while the hot chocolate is being made melt the dairy milk chocolate and then dip the spoons into the chocolate.  When the spoon is completely covered in melted chocolate sprinkle the hundreds and thousand over them and then add a marshmallow.  You can then invite some friends round or do it with your family.  Put on your Christmas film ( I would recommend the muppet Christmas carol or Nativity) and give everyone a hot chocolate with a chocolate spoon.  This project makes an otherwise cold evening into a warm, fun, love filled evening.
  3. Go caroling.  This is kinda obvious but it is so much fun!  You could bake some Christmas cookies and make a gift plate to give to each person/family you carol to.
  4. Christmas pajama party.  This is perfect for teen girls!  So for this you get a group of friends round and get them to come in a Christmas themed pair of pajamas or a Christmas themed onesie.  Have some christmasy snacks and a hot chocolate bar.  You could get in some Christmas coloured nail polishes and do your nails for Christmas. The possibilities are endless!
  5. Finally make some ginger bread houses!  I did this last year and it was so much fun!  This is a messy activity but it is perfect for all ages.  Also it is very easy to set up.  All you need is gingerbread cookie mix, ginger bread house cookie cutters, sweets, chocolate, icing and sprinkles.  The rest is very self explanatory:)

I am sorry for the lack of photos.  I was in a creative mood so I just wrote. I also hope to have inspired you to try some of these activities.


About Lillie Stew-ART

I am a 13 yr old girl who lives to make jewelry. I am Home schooled and live with my 4 siblings and parents
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2 Responses to 24 days till Christmas!

  1. Love all your ideas and only wish our C lived closer to join you in some of the festivities.


  2. Thank you! I also wish C lived close by it would be lovely to do Christmas stuff with her!


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