Little Irene by Pierre Auguste Renoir {An Art Review}

I am doing another art review to mark the close of  my study of “Little Irene” By Pierre Auguste Renoir.   I loved learning about this painting and finding out all about faces and shadowing through it.  Once again I am reviewing as if I am an art critic from Renoir’s time.


Little Irene’ – a new painting from Pierre Auguste Renoir, which I can tell you now, is well worth seeing.   The mix of colours and the facial features make this a painting like no other!  The girl in this portrait is eight year old Irene Cahen  D’Anvers, daughter of Jewish banker,  Louis Raphael Cahen D’Anvers.

Renoir was commissioned to paint this painting for a mere 1 500 franks.  I personally feel that it is worth far more than this amount. The mix of colours in the hair make it look like it is layered, wispy and wavy (not to mention realistic). The facial features , however, are what actually makes this painting stand out as it does. Renoir is well known for his ability to create realistic faces and this painting is a example of why; using oils on canvas, Renoir has created a master piece.

By the use of a mere four colours, Renoir has created the shadowing of the face to near perfection; the eyes bring the whole face together.  The use of white, blue, black, yellow and peach coloured pigments made this face look exquisite. Likewise the hair – his use of orange, red and brown paint makes the hair gorgeous and realistic looking.

I feel this painting  appeals to almost all the senses:

    • Sight: the mix of colours makes one’s eyes see a master piece which is so realistic one feels the need to move into the scene.
    • Smell:  the background of this painting  is of a green bush of some sort.  I have no doubt that  this background has some scent to it that designed to appeal to one’s nature.
    • Touch: I think Little Irene is so realistic that one feels like one could stick one’s hand through, and stroke her hair or touch her face.

It takes many years of practice to achieve the kind of effect this painting effortlessly achieves.  I say again this painting is worth seeing!


About Lillie Stew-ART

I am a 13 yr old girl who lives to make jewelry. I am Home schooled and live with my 4 siblings and parents
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One Response to Little Irene by Pierre Auguste Renoir {An Art Review}

  1. This is one of my favorites of his. It is WELL worth seeing, as you said.


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