Butterfly earrings


One of my goals this summer was to start writing on this blog more regularly with the hope that maybe more people would start to see my jewelry and like it.  With this hope comes a dream. I have this dream and I have had it for at least 2 years.  All I want to do with my life is to set up my own business.  A business selling jewelry that I have made.  I have many plans for this but it will take many months to come to fruition and I have to learn patience. However I do feel inside me that God has a plan and that I am starting to see this plan come out in my life.  Before 2 weeks ago I was lucky if I even managed to show my jewelry to anyone bar my family.   And then miracles started happening left, right and center.  I sold £22 worth of jewelry,  I was able to afford new supplies, I was asked to set up a stall at a club I volunteer at and then on Saturday I was asked to set up a stall at a theatre during the interval for a play where over 500 people are expected.

Anyways one of the pieces of jewelry that really helped me become more known in my community was these butterfly earrings. DSC_0065.JPG A lady at church heard I made jewelry and asked me to bring some jewelry along for her to look at.  She saw these butterfly earrings and bought them immediately.  It had taken me over 2 hours to make these earrings and I hadn’t expected her to go for these earrings because the earrings were priced at £10.50.  However she loved them and because I had managed to sell these plus 3 other pairs of earrings I found a confidence that God would provide for my business and would bring customers to me at his own pace teaching me patience and helping me to trust further in him. I never realised exactly how scared I was that I would keep lighting a match only to see it slowly die.  But I now have an excitement and an inspiration that I hadn’t seen before. Inspiration doesn’t come from the internet or from other peoples work.  You just have to open your eyes and look at the amazing world we live in to find inspiration.


These earrings were inspired by a butterfly I saw fluttering in the wind. I just felt that I had to recreate this butterfly to remember forever the joy I saw in seeing it.  I do sell these earrings and I make them to the customers specifications and I price them at £10.50.   If you are interested in purchasing a pair of these earrings please email me at lilliestewart75@gmail.com







































































































































































































































































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Amethyst and White Bead Necklace


So here are the next two pieces I hope to sell.  This is a set including a necklace and a pair of earrings. I am in two minds of wether to add a ring onto this set.


The Necklace is priced at £5.50.   It is quite a heavy necklace which would go brilliantly with a strapless dress.


The earrings hang to just above the jawline. They aren’t heavy or uncomfortable.  The price is £3.50.




if you are interested in purchasing this set please email me at lilliestewart75@gmail.com



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Beaded Spring Earrings

The weather does not go with this craft whatsoever.   It is raining like there is no tomorrow:(  However that didn’t stop my creative juices from flowing.  I themed these earrings on snowdrop flowers.  DSC_0154.JPG

The seed beads I used are of an iridescent pink while the larger glass beads are of a milky white hue.



I really like how these came out.  While they are quite big for earrings they are extremely comfortable to wear.  They hang to just below my jawline.



I want to start selling the jewelry I make from this blog.  So I decided that this would be the first piece.  They are £4:50.  All the pieces I make are one of a kind so there will never be an identical pair of earrings to the ones above.  However I do have different variations to this design.  If you are interested please email me at lilliestewart75@gmail.com.

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I have been dealing with the dreaded creative block. I have had it for 6-8 months and have only now just got over it.

It all happened this morning as I sat at my (new) desk mulling thoughts over a cuppa tea and then it came to me.  An original idea.  For a wire wrapped ring.  And I just went for it and it came out amazingly!





I love the look of it!

My aim is to one day have a business selling the jewellery I make. This ring is the first piece that I have created to sell and I was so happy to finally get my creative side back😊

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The Eiffel Tower by Georges Seurat {An Art Review}

Today I am marking the end of my study of the painting “The Eiffel Tower”  By Georges Seurat.  Once again I am writing as if I am a critic from his time.eiff3el-tower

Georges Seurat has released a fabulous new painting.   Painted in oil on canvas, Seurat has used pointillism to create this masterpiece.   When I saw this painting I was amazed!  I couldn’t believe that such a painting could be created with a myriad of mini dots.

I am focusing this review on the specific technique Seurat used called pointillism.  Georges Seurat realised that by painting in many different colours in many varying sizes of dots that one could create an optical illusion.  The theory behind this is incredible.   When you see all the colours in one place in different sized dots, your eyes trick you into seeing a block colour instead of many disjointed splodges.  This is a fascinating new way of painting!

I feel this painting is one of Seurat’s best!  This Paris landmark has been  painted many times before by many different artists but I have never seen one like this.  Not many artists use this method making this painting original, special and very well worth taking a look (and is absolutely worth the cost!).  I promise you that it would not be a disappointing  trip.

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Winter Comforts

When I awoke this morning at 7:00 it was a freezing -4 degrees!  The fact of this gave me the inspiration for this post.  Christmas has come and gone and the new year has started along with a new school term.  This means I am now busy constantly and have no time for the frivolous fun I had over Christmas break.  However I have a few winter “Moments”, if you will, that continue from October through to June and I want to share these little moments of peace with you.

So the first moment of peace isn’t really a moment of peace…..it is more a moment of chaos, noise and of course many hugs.   I am talking about the days when my best friends come round.  C12 and J14 have been my best friends for at least 6 years if not longer and I love having them round  🙂


The next Moment is that of peace, happiness and much laughter.  I am of course talking about Tuesdays. These are the days when my once art buddy now best friend comes round to talk, do art and goof around.  We love seeing each other and we just get along like a house on fire!


The next moment makes me feel very special as it is quality time spent with my twin, Charlotte and/or my brother Thomas.  Thomas is 9 months 3 weeks and 1 day older than Charlotte and myself so we are of a similar age.  Although we are very different we can always find something to laugh about, to do or to talk about or tease each other about.



It is these moments in my life that I am most thankful for because I get to have fun during a rushed week just by seeing the special people in my life.

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24 days till Christmas!

Hey everyone!  So today is the first of December…and we all know what that means!  Yep 24 days and we celebrate the birth of Jesus.  What we also know is that finding things to do on those freezing cold evenings can be very difficult.  So this post is on some fun Christmas activities!  I love all things Christmasy so I am so excited to be sharing these ideas with you.


  1.  Christmas karaoke.  Yeah I know it sounds cheesy  but you would be surprised at the fun one gets from it.  To do this activity all you need is a laptop, phone, kindle or smart TV.   You get up you tube and search your preferred Christmas song, the karaoke version, and then gather your family round and take turns singing.  It is a good laugh:)
  2. Hot chocolate bar.  My family have actually done this and it was so much fun!  All you need for this project is a slow cooker, plastic spoons, mugs, hot chocolate powder, marshmallows, hundreds and thousands, dairy milk chocolate and a Christmas film. So you are going to make the hot chocolate in the slow cooker ( I have no idea how to do this….Mum always takes care of that) while the hot chocolate is being made melt the dairy milk chocolate and then dip the spoons into the chocolate.  When the spoon is completely covered in melted chocolate sprinkle the hundreds and thousand over them and then add a marshmallow.  You can then invite some friends round or do it with your family.  Put on your Christmas film ( I would recommend the muppet Christmas carol or Nativity) and give everyone a hot chocolate with a chocolate spoon.  This project makes an otherwise cold evening into a warm, fun, love filled evening.
  3. Go caroling.  This is kinda obvious but it is so much fun!  You could bake some Christmas cookies and make a gift plate to give to each person/family you carol to.
  4. Christmas pajama party.  This is perfect for teen girls!  So for this you get a group of friends round and get them to come in a Christmas themed pair of pajamas or a Christmas themed onesie.  Have some christmasy snacks and a hot chocolate bar.  You could get in some Christmas coloured nail polishes and do your nails for Christmas. The possibilities are endless!
  5. Finally make some ginger bread houses!  I did this last year and it was so much fun!  This is a messy activity but it is perfect for all ages.  Also it is very easy to set up.  All you need is gingerbread cookie mix, ginger bread house cookie cutters, sweets, chocolate, icing and sprinkles.  The rest is very self explanatory:)

I am sorry for the lack of photos.  I was in a creative mood so I just wrote. I also hope to have inspired you to try some of these activities.

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